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Throughout this journey we will be your elopement planners, your hiking guides, your pack mules, or even someone to sign as a witness at your ceremony (we've done that before). We will help you find the best location tailored to exactly who you are. Coming up with a location list is one of our favorite parts! We want to support you through the whole process because your elopement day matters to us. Everyone deserves to have a wedding day of their dreams. We want to make that dream possible for you by giving you an experience you will never forget. Let's start planning!

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What's it like to have Virginia & Evan photograph your elopement?
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Vee & Clarke

Man! These guys are stellar! This is a long overdue review- Evan & Virginia did our engagement and wedding photography this last year. To put it simply- they. are. unreal. It's not just their artistic and creative eye that make their services so worthwhile- it's their willingness to scout out all of the best locations for you ahead of time, to stay and explore with you for hours getting just the best shot in some of the craziest locations, and all while making you feel like a superstar. They have this skill to capture the natural happiness in a moment, bottle it up, and flatten it into a photo- I feel it's their secret ingredient. The photos are genuine. I hope that I've convinced you to use Virginia & Evan because it's well worth it. By the end of the day, you won't just have beautiful photos, but you'll also have great friends.

Alyssa & Ethan

Virginia & Evan have a way of making you feel beautiful with every picture that they take. Their skill and ability to work together not only allows for a real connection between the photographer and the person/people being photographed, but it also allows for a natural atmosphere of comfortability and an assurance that these two wonderful, talented, down-to-earth individuals truly do bring out the best and the beautiful in everybody. They have an eye for seeing the beauty in things that would most often be overlooked by others, allowing them to capture real, raw beauty. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Emily & Peter

I was so drawn to your work. It wasn’t just you and cameras simply capturing an ephemeral moment, but it was real. real art. The value you put in to what you do is incredible. On our wedding day felt like I was able to just trust everything you did and what you were cooking up.

Sam & Phil

We could not be happier with the outcome; a suite of gorgeous stills that allow us to be hit with the full force of what we were feeling, over and over again, for the rest of our lives.


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